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imageLily, I really enjoyed the Ashiatsu massage. It was so invigorating and relaxing. Afterwards, I went home had a warm bath and then slept like a baby. If I had a private jet, I would fly you to Los Angeles twice a month. Since I don't, I have to settle with seeing you four times a year in Seattle. Anyone can give a massage, but you do much more than that. You pay attention to detail. It is obvious that you really enjoy what you do. You care about others and it comes across in your work. I want you to know that you are really special and your clients are blessed to have you in their lives. Thank you for your special touch and caring about my well being.
Much love, Tanouye 


imageLooking for a massage therapist but don’t know where to turn?  Aches or injuries that just won’t improve?  That’s where I was when I first met Lily and after one session, knew I could not – ever – do without her massages.  Professional, upbeat and motivated, Lily not only soothes and eases your body with her magical hands but promotes healing through therapeutic manipulation of muscles, points you in the direction of better health with exercises, and addresses ways to decrease – and eliminate  -inflammation in the body. Anita Lou, Tacoma, WA


 Lily, who performs her most awesome massage on myself and my wife Penny has been my best experience in relaxation ever. She has the knowledge and know-how to relieve stress and pain from my body; all I have to do is tell her where it hurts! Kenny Melchisedeck, NE Tacoma, WA   





image After years of massage all over the U.S. I found Lily. She is the best. Lily is constantly studying new ways to help you and hits the spot every time. I have appreciated her attention to detail, her concern for my needs and her advise on how to stay healthy.She has that special touch and I would recommend her (and do) to everyone I know. Penny Meichisedeck, NE Tacoma, WA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

imageI had a plessure having my massages done by Lily Ilnitsky. She is very positive, and have really good personality.
Her knowlege and experiance helped me be back on my feet. 
I was pregnant at the time of my car accident, she provide a special pillow for me so I can be more comfortible.
Lilys office is very relaxing with a friendly enviorment. My pain started to go away with my second massage.
She is awsome!!! I recomend her to all my friends and family.
Thank you Lily so much! Lana Kuba, Kent, WA


Lily is the best! She is knowledgable about her craft and constantly seeks to learn more. It's not just a job for her, she loves what she does and it is evident. I have never had a better massage, and I've had massages in many places around the world. I recommend her highly! Pam Manfred, Puallup, WA

 image  I come to Lilly for a few reasons. One is relaxation of course and she is very good at that. Another is treatment of some chronic pain issues. I have been an athlete for going on 30 years and have a few overuse type injuries. Lilly has helped me figure out what the cause of the pain is and how to alleviate it. I can honestly say she has been more helpful than any chiropractor or rehab specialist I've been to.She always has great insight and spends time to listen as well as demonstrate gentle and effective movements for me to do on my own. I always come away from a session having learned something new! Then there is her knowledge of yoga and nutrition. If you have any interest in these areas Lilly is a grest source of information and encouragement. You will be able to tell that Lilly takes her job very seriously and is passionate about helping people move towards a healthier place. Renee Sanelli, NE Tacoma, WA

imageI have been enjoying massage therapy from Lily for years. When I hurt, she sets me on the road to recovery. I have had hip pain that originated in my back. Lily found the injured muscles in my back, got them to relax, and eased the pain. She gave me exercises that quickly calm down pain when it strikes. She gave me other exercises to strengthen my wayward muscles.  They are less likely to be injured.  Lily’s knowledge is extensive and very helpful.  I expect a lot from myself. She helps me get this body over the bumps so I can keep going and feel great. Elaine Thomas, Auburn, WA

image I was recently in a car accident and my back and neck were injureed. I started physical therapy but the pain and tight ness was too much to get through day-to-day. My doctor referred me to Lilly for theraputic massage. Lilly took the time to understand exactly what kind of massage would be needed. She performed massage twice aweek for awhile an than once a week after that for 3-5 months. Lilly's massage helped with pain relief and continued healing. I believe I would not have been as succeessful with healing from this back and neck injuries without her massages. I would recommend her to anyone needing professional massage. Jessica Hegen, Federal Way,WA

image The first time I came to Lily for a massage I was exceedingly happy with the results.  As soon as she began massaging me, I felt the stress and tension slowly leave my body.  My job made my muscles extremely tight from standing in heels and hunching over the computer, but the massage relieved all that tension in just one session!  Lily truly made me comfortable and relaxed before starting the session by creating an environment of complete tranquility.  Her techniques are tailored to each person and that is what sets her apart from any masseuse I have been to. She not only tells you about massage, but also about proper nutrition and exercise. She is also passionate about what she does and wants to help as many people as she can with what she has discovered in her many areas of training.  I would recommend Lily to all of my friends and family without hesitation!  She is a miracle worker! Tanya Bond, Kent, WA

"I met Lily by chance. One day she was substituting my yoga teacher. After the class, I talked with her and I found out that she is a Certified Massage Therapist. Being a professional athlete when I was young, nowadays I am experiencing some chronic pains in my knee and shoulder. After visiting her website "Let go of pain" I decided to give it a try and see whether massages can help my pains. I can state, that I was happilly surprised that just one massage resulted in a significant reduction of my pain. Lily is extremely knowledgeable about every single muscle on the human body, and I enjoyed talking with her on a scientific level.
Briefly said, Lily has "golden" fingers and she is doing her job in an exceptionally professional way.
Finally, I want to say: "Thank you, Lily, from the bottom of my heart and thanks God I had the opportunity to meet you" Angel Stoyanov, Federal Way, WA
imageLily is a healthy life coach. Her passion for health is a calling. She consistently is seeking further education to develop her skills in body healing from therapeutic alignments and nutrition. I am a 75 year old man and with her help, I have greatly improved the quality of my overall health and life.  
Tom Lea
Kent, WA


imageI have known  Lily for over 10 years and she is very devoted and caring for her patients. She keeps up to date on her education and expertise with new techniques. My patients I have referred have always been pleased and had good results in improving their pain and quality of life. I went to her  recently after a MVA and after 1 treatment I noted improvement in my pain of neck area.
Dr. Grag Zoltani, MD
Tacoma, WA






Dear Lily: 

Thank you for your generous donation to our 2014 Auction!  With your help we raised over $14,000.  This is being sent to programs in South Africa that support AIDS education and prevention taught in schools, and for housing and medical care for orphans and vulnerable children. We very much appreciate your ongoing generosity in sharing with others who so desperately need it.                                                                  


 Lorna Packard and

 The Board of Prevention Time



image Dear Lily, the Thai massage you gave me was incredible. My hip was bothering me so much I went to the doctor. She said I had arthritis, but I don't believe in that. When we started the massage my pain level was 7-8/10.
When I got done my hip pain was gone!!! Let go of pain. That is what you do.
Also the flow of the massage seems almost like a gentle dance. I loved it. You are amazing!!!!! Thank you so much.
From one healing practitioner to another, Rita Duncan RN.LMP




image I have experienced THE best healing massage ever! THANK YOU Lily Ilnitsky for sharing your gift of healing hands and exposing me to a Thai yoga massage. My back has been hurting for weeks, I've been gingerly standing, sitting, picking up my baby girl, giving massage, doing Admin work all with a tender back.....but now the pain is completely gone. I've been a therapist for 12 years & had lots of treatment, but never have I felt healed as a result of a single seesion. In the past I've felt good, relaxed, rejuvenated, and lengthened, but with my very first session of Thai Yoga & Orthopedic Massage feeling as though my spine was decompressed, my muscles lengthened at their insertion points, and realigned. Thank you! No more pain.   P.S.....Your tips yesterday for deeper stretching confirms my need to attend your yoga class.  Tajuana Davidson, Seattle